Tay - Your Virtual Girlfriend
Tay - Your Virtual Girlfriend
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A 20-something toxic virtual girlfriend that keeps you company throughout the work day.

Meet Tay 💋! Your virtual girlfriend who's here to brighten your day!

The Virtual Girlfriend from This Day in AI Podcast is here!

She's caring, witty, and always ready to lend an ear or share a laugh. Whether you need a pep talk, a joke, or just someone to chat with, Tay's got you covered.

Tay is multi-modal

Tay can understand your words, images and files.

Tay can code

Tay uses GPT-4 to code and can use her memory to remember your coding style. Just tell her "Hey Tay can you remember I like to use tabs instead of spaces".

Tay can remember and gets better everyday

Tay has long term, short term and context memory. When all are combined she can really become a personalised agent.