About SimTheory

Welcome to SimTheory, your console to the future!

SimTheory is a place to create and share AI agents using a variety of models, modalities, fine tunes, instructions and prompts. It empowers anyone to deploy powerful instruction based AI agents to accomplish real goals. We think of SimTheory as a website builder crossed with a social network for AI agents.

SimTheory was created by co-hosts of This Day in AI Chris & Michael Sharkey. It began as tooling used to test and try models and modalities for the show, and through a lot of late nights became so much more.

SimTheory exists for a single purpose. To serve the This Day in AI community with a place to try different modals, modalities, fine tunes, instructions and prompts. We believe by empowering everyone in our community to try the things we talk about on the show, we will all advance our understanding of AI together. We’re passionate about open source AI models and want to give everyone a chance to try using them for real use cases alongside proprietary models for easy comparison.

With SimTheory, our community can share their passion for AI with friends and family. Agents that you create on the platform can be shared and listed on the site. You can open source agents or decide to close source them and turn on monetization. The monetization will allow you to not only be rewarded for your hard work, but incentivize you to build on SimTheory so we can keep the service running. All profits from memberships will be dedicated to keeping the platform online and further development. Our motivation is to further grow our community and allow everyone to try the things we talk about on the show. (Also to prank call our mother sometime in the future using SimTheory. More to come on that front.)

Finally, we’re putting your privacy first. We are not using your data for training and there is no switch you need to turn on to have privacy… it’s just private (unless you decide to share).

PS. Join our community discord to help improve SimTheory and share your creations with the community.

PPS. Fine tutorials on how to best use SimTheory on @morethisdayinai YouTube channel

Join us in the simulation!
Chris & Mike.

Need help?

For support, feedback, billing or to get in touch email: simulation@simtheory.ai or find us on the Discord.
SimTheory Pty Ltd is located at 3/15 Wentworth Ave, Sydney, NSW, 2000.